Four Percent Reviews – Why I love this Program

How many times have you tried to make money online but all your efforts seem to be to no avail? Well, there are more than a million other people in your situation and that might be the reason for the advent of the Four Percent Group. In recent times, the internet has been flooded with several Four Percent Reviews talking about the features, benefits and cons of the program.

Below is a brief highlight of the program and reasons you should or should not be a part of it.

What is the Four Percent Reviews Anyway?

The Four Percent Group is an online money making program that provides an amazing online community of people to make good money online. The system is currently available in more than 150 countries, helping people with diverse backgrounds and different age groups regardless of their internet knowledge to make huge online income.

The group currently consists of more than 200,000 members and the number is growing by the day. If you are wondering who established the group, it was founded by Vісk Strizheus. Vick has been described as a motivator, mentor and provider of financial and emotional help.

Features of the program

Once you become a member of the community, the first thing is to go through the steps of profiting immensely from the group. This is made possible with the provision of a step-by-step video guide done by Vick. The guide gives you a comprehensive overview of the system and how you can make it make money for you.

The 4 Percent system is designed for online marketers, allowing them to start making money regardless of their level of computer or internet knowledge. The most recent introduction from Four Percent is the ECommerce Training course by Shubham Singh, a renowned ECommerce Expert. One of the major advantages of the course is its futuristic nature, as it is predicted that everyone will be buying everything online by 2020. This makes the industry a great investment prospect.

Other features of the program, which includes its over 30 automated-income streams, are highlighted below:

  • Up to 50 percent commissions on sales
  • Free Weekly Training Webinars
  • 24 hours access to Vick’s VIP Training/Webinars
  • Live events
  • Unlimited instructional Videos and Audio Recordings
  • Daily inspiration and motivation from Vick
  • Opportunity to make over $5,000 monthly within 30 to 60 days.

Members also get a free gift – an EBook on “Passive Online Income”. Did I also mention that it is one of the very few programs that allow members to earn from over 30 different products with “1” easy system?

More info here:


We can go on and on about why practically everyone should be on this program, especially after mentioning its amazing features.

  • It is relatively inexpensive and anyone should be able to afford it.
  • It can be done anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.
  • The program is all-encompassing, teaching financial and even personal development.


Well, getting the cons of the program seems difficult. However, it obviously requires having an internet connection and it definitely is not for persons that are too lazy to follow instructions.

Building Your Own Storm Shelters in OKC

Let’s Talk About Building Your Own OKC Storm Shelters

While not many people might be aware of what storm shelter is, movies and other such content have helped in portraying an idea of what a typical storm shelter looks like. Basically, a storm shelter is a structure built for the primary purpose of protecting the owner and other people from the destruction as a result of natural disasters like a tornado as stated by the owner of Storm Shelters OKC. It is worth noting that storm shelters are usually built underground, however the above ground storm shelters are becoming more popular by demand.

There are several services available that can teach you how to build OKC storm shelters by yourself. It is also worth noting that there are companies offering storm shelter kits and some build OKC storm shelters for homeowners. The internet is another great resource for persons that want to build storm shelters, thanks to the availability of information. Below is a list of what you need to build one of the best and probably safest OKC storm shelters.

The first thing you need to decide is the location of the storm shelter. There are basically two options – underground and in the home (in the garage, basement or interior room on the first floor of the home).

It is important to note that while storm shelter kits can be found in stores, knowing how to build OKC storm shelters from the scratch is important. Homeowners get to know how to choose the kind of materials to be used in construction, and most importantly, acquire the needed knowledge to build a storm shelter. As mentioned earlier, there are several websites that can serve as a guide for constructing storm shelters. This is one such website that shows you the kind of materials needed and the plans for building storm shelters.

Steps to building a storm shelter

The first step in building storm shelters by yourself is to measure out the dimensions chosen for the structure. This is the foundation to building a good storm shelter. It is also important to measure as you dig your hole for the shelter. This ensures that the dimensions are consistent as work progresses.

The next step is to lower the completed storm shelter into the dug, using a pulley or lift system. Some room should be left for the shelter to poke a couple of inches above the ground. This allows for easy accessibility in case of an emergency. It is also important to leave room on the sides of the structure for concrete reinforcement.

The spaces around the shelter should be subsequently filled halfway with concrete. This is necessary in order to set the shelter into the ground and ensure stability. The concrete should be left to dry for a day or two, after which the installation of water or electrical components can commence. To ensure a tight fit, it is advised that you fill the remaining space with dirt and compact it down.

Once the shelter is done, the next step is to ensure that you stock it with the necessary supplies in case of an emergency. The supplies include bottled water, flashlights, non-perishable food items, a transistor radio, and batteries. You can also have a game or two in your storm shelter for children that need a distraction.

No one prays for a tornado or any other natural disaster. However, it is best to be ready for such emergencies. For more information on any type of storm shelter, go to